Ludlow Castle  
Several major phases of work at Ludlow Castle have been carried out in recent years; the most dramatic of which was the rebuilding of part of the outer curtain wall following its collapse in the winter of 1991.This was reconstructed using every available photograph and survey drawing to enable the work to resemble as closely as possible that of the original; lime mortars were used throughout.
Further consolidation works around the Castle have included the replacement of dressed stone window surrounds, repairs to stonework generally, stone pinning and grouting, as well as a degree of repointing.
The stone spiral staircases that lead to the towers of the Castle have also required repair over the years, and recently a number of complete steps have been replaced in the keep.
A major project at the Castle has been the creation of a ticket office and shop within the walls of the former Porter’s Lodge.This section of work involved much traditional carpentry and joinery, ranging from large floor and roof timbers to an imposing oak staircase.
Fitting windows and other joinery into the existing structure without disturbing the fabric of the Castle was an important part of the ticket office project and serves as an example of the marriage of new with old.
Architect: S TWalker & Partners
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