Stokesay Castle  
Stokesay Castle is often regarded as the Jewel in the Crown of the properties owned by English Heritage, who were determined that the conservation and consolidation of the Castle should not destroy its charm.
The work began with the restoration of the timber framed gatehouse; this included the repair of a lime ash floor. Following this, the main domestic range of buildings was scaffolded in order that re-roofing, dressed stone replacement, repointing, and repairsto the stone work could be carried out. All the materials and mortars were selected to match those existing, and a local quarry was reopened to secure a supply of Silurian limestone for use in the outer walls of the moat.
Internally, steel flitch plates were inserted to add strength to some extensively burned oak beams which carry the new lead flat roof of the South Tower.
Furthermore, timber repairs, the removal of graffiti, consolidation of wall plaster, clay floor repairs, the restoration of the windows and the copying of many of the old wrought iron fittings have all helped to bring the building back to life and give it that “cared for” look.
Architect: S T Walker & Partners
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