The Chambers House  
This private house, with its swimming pool set in the garden, shows the complete range of work that can be carried out and was undertaken under the exacting eyes of both architect and client.The central section of the main house was designed by the 18th Century architect, Sir William Chambers. The ornate plasterwork and joinery of his round room required a great deal of repair and restoration, as did the domed roof structure itself.
The Victorian wings were demolished and rebuilt following the Georgian proportions and details of the central section, whilst incorporating the client’s requirements for their unique home.
The joinery; including the windows, kitchen cupboards, wardrobes, vanity units, and bookcases were all made in our workshop; the stone staircase was restored on site. A wide range of decorating skills was used throughout the house including trompe l’oeil stonework on the staircase walls.
The design for the swimming pool was based on that of a Georgian Orangery with a carefully contolled internal environment. A stone floor was laid in the pool room, with a stained timber floor in the adjacent pavilion, which is the centrepiece of the walled garden.
Most recently a semi-circular porch has been added to the east end of the main house. The farmyard has also been brought together with the conversion of some of the farm buildings into a cottage, the original brick arches of the East Barn being repeated in the south elevation of the cottage.
Architects: Philip Jebb Associates and Watson, Bertram & Fell
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